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How do I celebrate my dog’s birthday?

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Dogs are always brightening up our lives making us feel happy and stress-free. So why not dedicate a day to reciprocate the love making them feel special.


The  first birthday of my emotional support animal was a simple and intimate celebration with the two of us, but since then I go a little extra every year – let’s be honest, he deserves every bit of it.


Dog’s are a man’s best friend after all and deserve the best treatment.


Here’s what I do when throwing my dog a birthday party:


Plan Fun Games and Treats


Everyday is your birthday in your dog's eyes; the attention they give you is the same that you get on your birthday.


They provide you with constant love and comfort so take this day and treat them to fun games and a delicious homemade cake.


I love playing games with my dog; it’s a fun activity and gives us a chance to bond. In order to play outdoor games in parks take emotional support animal (ESA) letter with yourself for safety issues.


Play these games to make sure that your dog has a memorable day:


·         Scavenger hunt, have them find the treats

·         Hide and seek

·         Fetch

·         Chase bubbles

·         Tug of war


Or simply break into a  dance party.


Treat Him to New Toys


Who doesn’t like being pampered on their birthdays, right?

You can pamper your dog by taking them for a trip to the pet supermarket or book them a spa session.


I let Jackie my ESA, pick out his own toys at the pet store. And later take him for a grooming session at the salon.


You can also plan a movie night afterward, snuggle with your furry friend and put on a funny dog movie.


Don’t go overboard celebrating your dog’s birthday; keep it simple and affordable. Take your best friend for walks and treat them to a day neither of you will ever forget.


Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday and what do you usually plan?


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My spouses workplace has brought in a policy for service dogs and emotional support animals and their overall profits and company morale has risen greatly.

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