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Changing image size on mobile/tablet

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I'm very unexperienced with PageLines and I'm hoping for some basic help. 

I'm trying to resize an image on  a page on my site. It looks fine on my desktop, but on mobiles it becomes very small. I'm talking about the following page: https://www.kokoro.dk/om-kokoro. It's the picture at the bottom of the page that becomes very small. 

I've found an archived post where the recommendation is to write the following in the Custom CSS (I've used the unique section ID for the picture on my site).

@media (max-width: 768px) {
#image_uzspw67 img {
    width: 50vw!important;

The current setting of the Height (vw) for the image is 15.

However, when I try to write that in the custom CSS nothing happens when I try to view the page on my mobile. 

Any suggestions? 

Thanks for your help :-).



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