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Why you use a static front page in WordPress?

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introduce the module across the board SEO-pack and design it. This will fix your title issue on google. 

The reason that the article is appearing on the main page is that WordPress is a blog cm. Shouldn't construct stores on it lol. Presently, you can however that is the reason it is appearing. 

You have to go to setting and I believe it's under perusing or composing, change it to a static landing page. You'll most likely need to make a page. 

I can't generally assist you with the rest. As I stated, Wordpress is a blogging cm. You probably need to make a page call store, make that as the "home" page where I just said to change. At that point more often than not you need to abandon some shortcode like [store-front], it will be explicit to what you're utilizing. assignment assistance - assignmentsquare.

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