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Can't get Woocommerce pricing filters to display or work properly with Pagelines 5 theme

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I have Price Filter Pro for Woocommerce plugin installed on a site (https://edpracticalart.myntillae.com/workshop/), but the Pagelines 5 theme seems to not like pricing filters for some reason because the default Woocommerce price filter doesn't work properly (and it wouldn't even display for the longest time). The Price Filter Pro won't even display on your theme. I talked to the plugin developer and they said it should work fine since it's just a basic function built for widgets, and it works fine if I switch to any of the default themes. Just wondering if you can help figure out the conflict so that we can get that functionality working on our site. I tried to upload some screenshots saved to Dropbox, but it won't let me upload them for some reason. 

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