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Extension issue

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I recently took over the maintenance of a site that is/was somewhat broken.  Initially, when I tried to login to the wp-admin backend, the Dashboard a blank page or a page not found would occur after authenticating.  After setting debug on and tracking down the issue, the problem had to do with a corrupt PageLines extension called GrandStand.  When I deactivated the extension, along with another unused extension, I was able to get into the admin back-end.  However, when I looked for the extension to re-download it on PageLines' site, I couldn't find any reference to it.  Is there a place to re-download this extension? 

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    • nadielp
      By nadielp+
      Hi Everyone,
      I am looking to make a customization to Grandstand. I want to have it set so it displays (the grandstand panel image) an image other than the set panel image when a section is clicked. I can see a bit but I am not sure (for example) how each panel is defined when it is clicked and displayed...any input will be greatly appreciated. the site in question is http://hithere.ink/
      <section id="pl-grandstanduyax5kp" data-object="PL_GrandStand" data-sid="pl-grandstand" data-clone="uyax5kp" class="pl-section span12 offset0    pl-bg-cover section-pl-grandstand pl-sortable level1 sortable-first cant-offset sortable-last" style="  ">        <div class="pl-section-controls fix">
    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      Hi everyone,
      When you click an image on grandstand it opens the image at the top with a small close icon. The image does not fit as well as I had hoped. I think it will require quite a bit of CSS to make it look as I wanted. Therefore, I think the easier approach for me is to disable it from do this. Is there a way to disable this when clicking on an image in grandstand so that nothing happens?
      Kind regards,
    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      I thought I would check out the new sections from pagelines today. I installed the Grand Stand pagelines section. However, on loading the home page the images flash up for a second and then they disappear.
      I tried re-installing the plugin but this didn't help. I have also disabled all plugins and scripts.
      I also tried both the full width and content width sections. Both will not display at all.
    • NearlyJen
      By NearlyJen
      Hey, I saw that someone else had this exact problem but it didn't look like it had been resolved.  I am using Grandstand for the first time and I can add and edit images in the Item Setup, but certain images just get eaten - they save, if I click on the Item Setup I can see that the image and settings are still there but not displaying at all (exactly as in the other thread's video that was posted). Sometimes they will flash on the screen before disappearing. I tried deactivating my plugins already. Help?
      WP 4.1.1
      DMS 2
      Testing Grandstand on http://www.eastsideprep.org/home
    • werdnags
      By werdnags+
      Hi Folks,
      I made my site on a temp URL and move it.  All looks great except the Grandstand sections I have on a few pages are not looking in line and the images and not resizing themselves.
      Before I moved it the images were lined up great.
      Anyone any ideas?  Thanks.
      Link to the site: http://urlgone.com/2f0807/