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Differences between children now and those of 50 years ago

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Things have changed a lot in a short time. The differences of the children of now and those of half a century ago are amazing in many aspects, not only in some as evident as the use of technology and communication, but also in others related to health and activities. These are some of the distinctions I can make in time.

Children from before
Before, children had to invent games. 
They were more creative because they also had the time to be creative. 
They played outdoors most of the time.
It did not occur to them to be sitting on an armchair for hours.
The rain was only water and nothing would happen if they got their feet wet or played under it, nobody ran out to avoid getting wet.
A group of researchers from the University of South Australia conducted a study involving 25 million children, ages 9 to 17, from 28 different countries in Asia, Europe, and the United States and New Zealand.

The researchers concluded that current children are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes in adulthood compared to the 1975 children. Children now have a lower aerobic capacity than their parents did. However, the report indicates that Japan is the only country in the world that does not perceive a big difference in the aerobic performance of children today compared to those of the 70s.

The conclusion reached by the researchers is that children now share the same reason why they are more likely to suffer health problems, and is related to weight gain. In the United States, only one-third of children have one hour of physical activity each day.

In countries such as Asia, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, customs have changed a lot; Fifty years ago, children moved to school walking, cycling or skateboarding. Nowadays, most adults have a car, which means that children no longer exercise or walk so much.

differences between the children of now and those of 50 years ago 2

Do adults have anything to do with it?
In the 70s, although there were already televisions in many homes (except in exceptional cases) it was very rare that there were more than one at home; Currently, a large number of children have a television in their room and everything related to technological games such as video consoles, computers, tablets, and other devices that are usually present in all homes, with many more than One copy

A problem derived from this is that adults are also significantly reducing the physical activity they perform, so they are not a good example for their children, who must be pushed and motivated in different ways to leave the chair, turn off the television or leave the video games to go out to play outdoors. British Essay Writers have been the leading Essay Help & Writing Service since 2007.

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