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Help needed for adding a top level navigation menu

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I'm very new to building websites and am trying to build a very simple site that has 7 pages. There should be a top menu that enables navigation to each of these pages. 

I've taken a screen shot of the pages but can't find a way to attach files to this post. In it, you can see, that there are 8 different pages.

When I go to Appearance/Menus/View all, I can only see and select two of these pages. I've taken a screen shot of this as well. When I figure out how to attach the screen shot file, you will be able to see it. 

I'm trying to have a menu across the top where each page is included. I'm sure it's quite simple to change. I hope that someone can explain to me how to do that.

Take care and thanks for your help.



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Start requesting a refund from your credit card processor. This company has been abandoned -- I would not build any new sites on this platform. 

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