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How to Hide & Unhide Apps on Android and iPhone

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Sometimes hiding an app of your device is necessary. There are numerous third-party apps available on the App Store or Play Store that you can download and install for free on your device to hide apps.

To hide apps without using any specific app, here are some methods:

How to Hide (Disable) a Pre-installed App of your Android device?

1.    Go to ‘Settings’ of your Android Mobile.

2.    Open ‘Application’ menu from Settings Menu.

3.    Open ‘Application Manager’.

4.    Tap on the ‘All apps’ tab near the top of your mobile screen.

5.    Select the ‘App’ you want to hide from the App list.

6.    Hit the ‘DISABLE’ button next to FORCE STOP button. If you’ll find ‘UNINSTALL’ button instead of DISABLE, it means the app is not pre-installed.

Doing this will disable that app and hide it from your Home screen.

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How to Hide & Unhide Apps on Android and iPhone

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