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SSL certificate causing errors with Pagelines?

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Hi there, hoping someone can help me get to the bottom of an issue that has been plaguing our site for weeks. We frequently lose some of the functionality of the site--namely the drop downs, the header image, primary photo carousel and a few other areas.

On Chrome, I see an error that says "Insecure content blocked, this page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources." Then gives the option to load unsafe scripts. Which, when you do, removes the padlock, strikes through the https and allows the site to be fully functional again.

On Internet Explorer, it is a similar error message and outcome.

Sometimes logging in and updating plugins works, sometimes not. Sometimes just the act of loading those scripts work, sometimes not. Sometimes our hosting company clears the cache and that works, sometimes not.

Our hosting company keeps telling me it's the cache, but it happens several times a day. Hoping/Wondering if it could be some sort of weirdness going on with our PageLines installation.

Any assistance in what seems like a continual game of whack-a-mole would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

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