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Links not working on adopted site

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Hi I did originally post this last month and got a response from someone, but then the communication stopped from his end. Could someone please help me?

I provide hosting only service to a client for their PageLines WP based site which was passed on to me when the original developer withdrew her services to my client.

My client wanted me to modify some of the content which is when I noticed NONE of the links on the site work. Having acquired the site and nor knowing PageLines, although I have had a look around, I wouldn't know where to start. I am obviously concerned for my client, and although not formally providing support itself for the site, would want to restore the functionality of the links as soon as possible. Please let me know if you would be prepared to view the site to assist and provide guidance and I will contact you directly with the website address.

Many thanks in advance of much needed support.


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DMS keeps up a database of all collectors in the network-empowering you to oversee individual and gatherings of beneficiaries with an arrival channel to screen alerts and RF inputs. It can store tweaked data about every collector. https://www.assignmentland.co.uk

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