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Pagelines Customers Need Confirmation of Long-Term Stability of Platform

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I am a long standing user of Pagelines (which I love). My issue is that appearance is that the platform is dead, and merely collecting payments without updates from the owners. The previous post titled "Pagelines is dead" was deleted creating more concern. 

This is a problem for developers - do we use Pagelines (and have to start from scratch later) or a use a stable competitor. 

To cut to it -- I really need some sort of confirmation from the owners, or I need to move to a different product. I understand they are working on a project, but  it only takes 30 seconds to post a quick update and some reassurance. It is good business practice for paying customers. 

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Well said Shawn.

I've been using Pagelines for a few years and it's served my needs perfectly, and would happily continue to do so if I thought there was going to be support and development of the product.

But as there seems to be very little information provided any more, and It's worrying when you see that right now the download link for platform doesn't work, the pagelines facebook group has changed to 'design, develop, deliver group', and messages like this in the forum are ignored by staff.

I think many of us are all left wondering if they're planning to let it waste away until people realise it's done and cancel their subscriptions.

Communication is key in any relationship - a short blog/email once a month with news of where the product is going would settle most of our minds so that we don't think we're just throwing money straight on a fire.

To admins etc that may see this post - May I suggest that you make all existing accounts free / stop charging / or offer some kind of refund -  until any new products arrive? Time is rapidly running out to retain your loyal customer base.

Right now I'm just waiting to see what 'Gutenberg' offers with the full release of WP5, and will make a decision from there.

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Very good posts guys. I'm in the middle of "upgrading" a couple DMS sites to PL5 and am quite frustrated on some of the features/capabilitys lost and the workarounds required are far from intuitive. 

Somthing as simple as good documentation for the extensions would go a long way. Have found the Shortcodes documentation, but it could also use some serious help!

Is this product usable for WooCommerce stores at this point? See my issues post from today on the major problems I'm having getting the products page to look like the old DMS site. Got a couple thousand bucks of my time invested in the update and fear may have to chuck it and just stay with the old site unless I can get the shopping cart to look like the old site...

Any help will be much appreciated!!!

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