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I tried putting the remarketing tag into the footer.php but that crashed the site.  Do I need to add the remarketing tag somewhere different for pagelines themes?

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Google's Adwords is the finest known, note the search text ads and system banner ads are managed in the same system, Stop robocalls its against the law.

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Adwords, is a easy, affordable and reliable way to generate traffic to your website, and have visitors making what you want them to do. Dissertation Writing UK

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    • JasonLA
      By JasonLA+
      Hey guys, 
      I have read a few other posts about this for Facebook but do not understand hooks.
      Could someone please explain how to use a hook in easier terms please? I am not very code savvy. I need to know exactly what to enter in and where it belongs. In the hook documentation this is not very clear at all.
      This is the page I need the code placed on; it's what users are taken to after they submit a form on the page before it: 
      Here is what I have put together from the Docs so far. I put this in my custom CSS and it did not work. 
      Any help is much appreciated!
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      Does anyone know the best way to install Adwords conversion tracking to a single page on Pagelines. I am trying to add the script tothe footer on just the order received page for tracking conversions. Thanks any help would be great