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    • primaitalia
      By primaitalia+
      Exited about the new Platform 5, but just started building a site in DMS2 and want to upgrade it to Platform 5. In the Facebook User Group it was a post that had a few steps to do this, and one of them was to copy the content from DMS into Platform 5. My question is on how do I really copy the content so I can keep all the work I have done so far?
      Thanks and best regards,
    • Mark_Hazeldine
      By Mark_Hazeldine
      I might be missing something very obvious, but how do I update my Pagelines DMS theme to DMS 2? When I go into my Wordpress 4.2.2 dashboard, no DMS updates are available, yet when I go into the theme preview, it says I have version 1.1.1. Aren't you on like v2.1 now or something?
      Thanks, Mark
    • rallevondalle
      By rallevondalle
      Hi there. 
      I'm a tad nervous regarding upgrading my whole site (www.ectopicbeats.dk) from Pagelines to DMS 2. 
      Cheers, Rasmus 
    • acutservizi
      By acutservizi
      after a long time i've eventually decided to upgrade to dms from pagelines.
      I've followed the "upgrading and migrating instructions", after i uploaded dms and activated it, the web site is now completely blanck. I cannot even access wordpress dashboard.
      My web site is www.acutimpianti.it
      Can  someone help me?
      Thank you
    • gwbodywork
      By gwbodywork

      I just updated to the later version of Pagelines & Wordpress 3.7.1 and it screwed up my website. In particular the Features panel now repeats down the page and after hours of working to resolve this my only solution is to turn off Features (which I've done on the Home Page but not the other pages).
      Additionally, my Fixed NavBar no longer shows the Sub Pages on my site to navigate to. I have also been working on this with no success. This is the second time upgrading to your newest version has created more work and hassles than providing any additional solutions. 
      Deeply Frustrated!