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Wordpress Multisite - Editing Network Admins/Users

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We recently ran into a problem with your PL Platform 5 plugin in our Wordpress Multisite installations in which we are unable to edit network users (such as making an admin into a super admin or changing their user dashboard colors preferences) while your plugin is activated. The problem doesn't present when we deactivate Platform 5 so anytime we need to add a super admin we need to turn your plugin off and then n again after the changes are complete.

Just thought we would mention it in case this is something you can fix or if anyone else is having this frustrating problem too.


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Thank you for reporting the issue.

Is this problem happen, even without external plugins? could be a conflict with another plugin.


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I had this happen on two separate sites that were different Wordpress mutlisites (thus needing to create super admins). In both cases I did troubleshooting to determine if it was a theme or plugin issue and on both installs I would disable all plugins and then test it by turn each plugin on or off to see if setting changes could be changed. For both sites Pageline Platform 5 was the only plugin that interfered with the admin changes.

Does that help?

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Yes of course,

I will comment this to the developers,

Thank you very much! 

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