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Michael Kummer

PageLines causing slow_errors

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Michael Kummer

Hi guys!

Looking at the slow_errors log of WordPress, I have noticed that Pagelines is #1. The site in question is michaelkummer.com  - see

Michael Kummer Information -- 96752
slow_errors: 4518
slow_errors_common: [pool site-96752] script_filename = /www//wp-admin/admin-ajax.php +++ dump failed
slow_errors_common_total: 372
slow_errors_common_themes_and_plugins: /wp-content/plugins/pl-platform: 1246
/wp-content/themes/pl-framework: 746

My hoster is Flywheel is they are usually pretty good when it comes to performance. So I was wondering if anyone else has experienced those issues and if there are any solutions.



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    • DanatTLFN
      By DanatTLFN
      Hi Pagelines Team, 
      Following on from my last thread about moving to WPEngine, I recently spoke to GoDaddy over the phone. 
      The reason for the move was due to an increase the recent downtime of my site. They taught me how to clear the cache on my site but after doing this we noticed that the reource limit would quickly spike.
      I spoke to their hosting department employee and he told me that I should contact my theme provider and ask for any further information on why this might be happening?
      Kind regards,
    • Queue-it
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      Our site has experience an huge down load time since yesterday and we can't find the solution at the moment. 
      Could you also have a look at that? https://queue-it.com/
      We have plenty of plugins that are not up to date, but we have a replicate of this site that has the same exact settings and updates with plugins but it performs a lot better.
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      I am still trying to get my site to write to the server and I ran the debug. Below is what I get. How can I fix this? Really appreciate the help folks! - Steve

      DMS Internal Warning
      Less Subsystem
      Unable to set filesystem credentials
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      I've been struggling with optimizing my site speed for a few days. I ultimately moved from shared hosting to DV, and although I now have a lower google-pagespeed rating, my site is actually faster and much more responsive. Same thing on tools.pingdom.com, I went from a 91 to an 81, but the site is still faster than it was before. 
      Anyway, I found the DMS js scripts in the attached screenshot are slowing me down, is there anyway to suppress them? Are they necessary, can I remove them? 
      I could sacrifice the parallax and animations at least for speed if thats the case, but I'm sure theres a way to keep all these and optimize the performance. 
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Site in question is: designsqr.com
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      While a had a webpage open to edit in DMS (in a Chrome tab), I noticed that this Chrome tab kept drawing 5%-7% of the CPU power (i7 processor). Even though I hadn't been on that tab for more than a day.
      Is that a known issue? Is there any way to work around this problem?