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BILLING: Wrong invoice on my account

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Hello, PageLine Team,

I've sent a few emails about my issue but I haven't got any reply.
I need to change my billing info ( I try to insert right info but I can change only my company name, and  I need to change also my address)

However my first problem is that my invoice of January is wrong.

I need to insert right company info:  Art is Therapy SRL  VAT NUMBER: 07847150724, Via Umberto, 210 bis- 76125 Trani (BT) ITALY.

Please help me to solve my problem ASAP.

Wait in your news!

Best Regards

Marco Zagaria



Schermata 2018-03-22 alle 12.19.42.png

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Hi Marco!

I already made all the changes, I will send you a new invoice, with the updated information.


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thank you so much for your help.

I download your invoice and now is all ok except CAGLIARI.

Why is written CAGLIARI in my invoice? please delete it.

Thank you!

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Right now I send you another invoice.

Thank you!

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