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Loading Issue - Page Size?

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I am experiencing an issue that I believe is theme related where two areas on our homepage are not loading correctly, until you resize the browser window. I am currently building http://stevesaggese.com/ but on the bottom of the homepage there is a google map and a "Featured Area Photos" slideshow that are not displaying properly. For example, in EI or Firefox the map is zoomed all the way out instead of zooming in on central New York. The are beneath that is "Featured Area Photos" and the images are loading as thumbnails instead of full (half column) images. When you simple make the browser window slightly large or smaller the photos adjust to be the correct size.

If I switch themes the issue seems to disappear and I have tried deactivating certain plugins to see if that has any effect too. Is this a JS loading issue or something else caused by the theme?

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.31.47 PM.png

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Are you using an external plugin for display the carousel ("Featured Area Photos" )? The issue seems to be coming from an external plugin.

You can use Slick Slider instead.

I tested the map on Firefox and seems that is working fine.


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Hi @edgarcheverier,

I had thought that might be causing the issue too so I had deactivated that photo carousel (Fast Gallery), as well as the  slideshow and the featured properties carousel to see if that helped the map load and or image gallery. Unfortunatly nothign helped so I was left thining it might be a theme issue. Have ever seen this happen before?

Thanks so much for the help!

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Hi :),

Are you displaying the carousel and the map with Pagelines Plugins? 


Because I tested the Maps Plugin on my personal website,

And it's working without problems on Chrome, Safari and Firefox: https://cl.ly/2X291n0T383E

Also, I can see that somethings, is using the console.log() on your website, that's probably an external plugin: https://cl.ly/0p440J2p0X3G 

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Hi @edgarcheverier,

The map feature is not able to be a PL section because it is pulling in dynamic data from an IDX feed for property listings. My concern is that the map works fine when I switch the theme but in PL it doesn't always zoom to the correct view of New York and instead shows the map of the whole world. Are there JS issues that might overlap or cause this to not load properly 100% of the time?

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I didn't find any JS error in the console, but it's probably a compatibility problem with the theme, if this is not happening with other themes.

Sadly that's could happen with all the external plugins.

But if you want you can do it manually with the PL plugin, you just need the latitude and longitude location and an <a href="http://...">description</a>

Here you have an example: https://cl.ly/470X2O0J3504

I hope this can help you.

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