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Carousel not showing with NextGen

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For the site https://marshallsirishpub.com I am running

Wordpress 4.9.4
Pagelines base theme 1.0.2
Pagelines Framework 2.5.0

Specific page not working properly is https://marshallsirishpub.com/photo-gallery/

I am using NextGen gallery which is activated and showing the pictures in the gallery.  Page was edited to add the carousel and points to the NextGen gallery.  Meta settings and page were both saved.

When I'm logged into Wordpress I see the following error at the top of the page:


The site was hacked last month and it seems the hacker changed some things on the site, but I can't figure out what was changed to make the Carousel not show on the page.


Larry Marshall

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NextGen is an external plugin so I can not tell you to much about it, in PageLines you have Tangram Carousel, which works really nice.
Also, you still have Mixed content errors in the console,
Maybe considering rebuild the website on PL5 is a good idea.

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Yes I am aware NextGen is an external plugin.  I emailed them about the issue.  Their reply was as follows:

NextGen does not have anything called a "Carousel" in our plugin.  You would need to contact the developer of the "Carousel" to fix this.  To ensure our plugin is working as designed please create a gallery only using our plugin.  If that works then it is an issue with the developer of the "Carousel"

If you go to the following URL https://marshallsirishpub.com/pub1/ You will noticed I created a page with the NextGen plugin and it's working correctly.  The carousel is from Pagelines.  So this seems to be an issue with Pagelines Carousel not NextGen.  I will delete that page I created once you see it which does show NextGen working. Where do I find the Tangram Carousel you mentioned?

As for mixed content I ran a test at whynopadlock.com for https://marshallsirishpub.com and it does not detect any mixed content.  You can test that on your end as well.  All of the pages on the site have a padlock. What console are you referring to?

Larry Marshall

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