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Problems with Navpro section

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I have 2 problems with the nav pro-section : 

First : 

When I set a dark gray background color, and when I set light text, it works, but when I click on research, when I write text, it appears in white... so I cannot see what I am writing...

Second : 

When I click on research, they is a French grammatical mistake...

How could I correct it with the right word ?

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I used your search bar and I can see what I write: https://cl.ly/1c3r2u2X1M15
If you want something darker you just have to change the color of the text but taking care of the background color you have.

About the second problem, you can modify the HTML with Javascript using this code:
document.getElementsByName('s')[0].placeholder='text in here!';
But is only get apply in the page you put this code. 
like here: https://cl.ly/3F2y3y3r0Y1w

The translate it's automatically, 

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1 :

So, if i want a black menu with white text, impossible to change the text color when i click on research ?

2 :

OK..so, how to have access to a new french translation ?


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1 .- try this: 

color: white;

2.- Sorry I forgot the simple way to do it lol

Go to PageLines Settings, Advanced and you will find the option Search Placeholder Text.

Like here: https://cl.ly/0J31202x3h0b

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