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Section Contact Form Not Sending

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If you have the pro version activate, and in the option.
Form Recipient (typically admin email), you have your email, the plugin has to work.
I made a test now and it's working.


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Edgar, thanks for the response. I see your test message, so it must be working. Unfortunately, I'm not receiving my own tests, so I'm not sure why WP_mail is misbehaving. I'll continue troubleshooting and see what I can find. 

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It's great that it's working!

Next time try to make the test in another browser that is not with your wp-admin.


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Hi Michael,

I tried the plugin again and it is working without problems,

you have some errors in the console, due to allowances on the server. 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin', maybe this is causing some problem: https://cl.ly/0v0r033F1P09


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