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Error after dragging in slider DMS

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Hit a wall with my troubleshooting and hoping someone out there can help. I was just simply adding a slider to a page like I have a million times before and the DMS editor froze, upon refresh now won't load at all. I'm getting the "Oops, There may be an issue loading." message. Looking at the error log this is what it's giving me:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1
(index):3407 GET http://blueridgespirits.com/wp-content/themes/dms/sections/revslider/rs-plugin/js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.js?ver=d2042a 404 (Not Found)
pl.slider.js?ver=d2042a:12 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).find(...).revolution is not a function
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (pl.slider.js?ver=d2042a:12)
    at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
    at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (pl.slider.js?ver=d2042a:5)
    at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
    at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
    at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)
(anonymous) @ pl.slider.js?ver=d2042a:12
each @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2
each @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2
(anonymous) @ pl.slider.js?ver=d2042a:5
i @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2
fireWith @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2
ready @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2
K @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2


Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? I checked the folder and the 

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