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how create custom template in TwentySeventeen using Platform?

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on this page http://petasandersonrestorationandfaux.com/publications i am using Platform with the standrd TwentySeventeen theme. I like the way the Home page is structured, with the body text off to the right, but need a full section on that publications and other pages. Trying to make it easy for client to be able to edit/add to the body of text on those pages and have them fill the whole left-right available area.

Right now, am using the Text section but that is less than desirable since I have to switch into Toggle Rawtext mode and manually insert image links in html. But when i toggle back out to user-friendly mode, the formatting gets fucked up and changed. Further, the editor available in this Text module seems quite limited to very simple text stuff.

So my brilliant idea was to simply use the WP-content section to solve the problem. The user would have full access to regular editing. Unfortunately, the 2 Templates available via Platform interface both give me the default TwentySeventeen layout with large white space in left column and the text in right column. This won't do.

So if I have to use a bunch of Hero type of mini sections, what section do I choose to have an image that has wordwrap?

thanks for any insights. Hope this makes sense.

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