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Audun MB

Override Pagelines plugins? How?

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Audun MB

I'm not a php coder, but I can fix small bugs myself. Though, this means that I really don't know how stuff works so I have a question:

I'd like to override certain parts of Pagelines plugins. For instance in the Platform plugin there is a line of code that adds ... at the end of excerpts. I'd like to change that (it looks ugly as hell when there is a full excerpt text). I can edit the Platform plugin to change it, but then it is gone with the next update. (Yeah, it looks like the code is there to don't show the ... when there is a full excerpt, but it doesn't work).

Will adding the exact same code, but with the small change, in my theme's functions.php override the Platform plugin?  

For accessibility reasons I also changed the Pullquote in PL Shortcodes from a div to an aside (pullquotes should always be asides). While this should be done in the actual plugin, I'd like to keep my code even if there's an update without a bugfix here. Will the same method work for overriding the PL Shortcodes plugin? 

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