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    • claudedagenais
      By claudedagenais+
      From time to time Newsfront changes it layout without any intervention from us.  The website where this happen is: https://journalletour.com/ To get the layout back to normal we simply have to go in the page editor without having to do anything else. Do you have any clue of something that might be wrong?
      This is the wrong layout (the yellow was added by the client):

      And the good layout: 

    • Rob Thomas
      By Rob Thomas+
      I have built a few sites exactly as this one--with a few "stacks" of NewsFront underneath a menu with NavPro (basically, this style is my dream blog). In building this current site this week (URL below), the NavPro menu is disappearing due to rollover states with NewsFront (or any other roll over state PL section). This happens in Chrome only and not in Safari or Firefox. I have built the exact same site on the same server, using the same sections, and this does not happen. 
      Odd things: this seems related to scroll? if you go down a couple of panels in NewsFront, there is no effect. It only seems to happen when the scroll state is towards the top of the browser window. Again, I have sites built the exact same way and this does not happen. It has nothing to do with the NewsFront sections. It seems to be the scroll state (where the scrolling is at relative to the NavPro menu). 
      The only plugins I have are PL plugins and then Wordfence, Yoast, and Wordpress Importer. Deactivating those plugins does nothing. 
      Does this ring any bells for anyone? The site is not yet finished (my apologies). It is being developed live but won't be in use until exactly 7 days from now. It is kind of odd ...  
      It is only on this page and with rollover state items in Chrome that I am having this issue. I know because I tried it with other sections with rollover states and I have had the same result. The only script I am running is related to the Magazine section: 
      div.pl-mag-close {
          display: none;
      Disabling has no effect. It's super odd. This site is on D.O. managed by ServerPilot. Thank you for any insights or help. --Rob
      PS I can do a screencast, just super tired and lazy tonight. 
    • nfp1900
      By nfp1900
      I've installed the extension and selected a category etc but all I see is the feature image flashing once and nothing appears? It doesn't matter which style I select  http://www.nicholaspeall.com/NEWS
      Does anyone know what is going on with this extension?
    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      NewsFront does ONLY SHOW taxonomies form regular post type - but NOT ...
      from custom post types from custrom taxonomies   
    • nandorj78
      By nandorj78+
      I was wondering if there is a way to add a slider that shows the latest or sticky posts?
      Do I need a thir party plugin for that? If so, which one is recommended?