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Hi, I have a few pages with individual "page-headers" for each.  For each page they also have at the bottom the blog mosaic and or a column. I have the irrelevant page-headers for other pages hidden so they do not appear where they are not supposed to. It works fine at first glance, however, when I click on the bottom section blog/mosaic or column, it displays all of other (irrelevant) page-headers. How do I fix it?

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Your statement is a bit confusing, do you have a link?

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    • DONSA
      By DONSA
      I'm wondering if there is a simple way to customize all PageHeaders, CanvasAreas and Images in my website changing only the CSS.
      Set a background image and reduce the height.  
      Change de background color and reduce the height.  
      Put a yellow border in them.