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[Solved] updating DMS to PageLines 5

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I have inherited a website that is using 

PageLines Pro & DMS Professional Tools v 1.8.5 with PL Multigram Version 1.1 

Is there an guide of how to upgrade from this to PageLine Platform 5?

My main concern is that the child theme being used may not work with PageLine Platform 5?  The child theme is:  Nicks Base Theme Version: 1.2 by Nick Haskins -  the link in theme details no longer works. 

The reason for asking is before i start recommending anything to the client I just want to work out what work might be involved, obviously updating, but as the framework is old, is it possible that the child theme will need updating using a new theme to style the site as client wishes.. which will be same layout as now. 

And so I ask as I am not familar with your framework, many thanks in advance

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PageLines DMS is a theme/framework and PageLines Platform is aa plugin. You can try out Platform 5 free here: https://www.pagelines.com/

Click on "Try PageLines Plugin Free"

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