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I'm tired of hunting for answers to my questions.

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dalsegno    0

I have been struggling with PlatformPro for a few weeks now. Nearly every step in the process has involved a search for a needle in a haystack. The documentation often shows a general description of functions but very little about process. Users are left with a frustrating trial-and-error process. When that fails we go to the docs and spend more time searching for an answer that isn't there. Then we search the forums looking for an answer that isn't there. Then we submit a query and get an answer that is incomplete and, again, describes function and not process. A recent example from my own experience: I created features on my Home page. I wanted my second page to also be a Feature Page. When I set it as a Feature Page it appeared with all of the Features of the Home page. Yes, I had seen the Feature Sets option but it is not clearly defined in the docs. Nor is there any instruction on how to group Features into Feature Sets. My query on how to create a new Feature Page with its own Features was to select a new Feature Set from the drop-down on the Page Settings. And the hellish cycle begins again . . More time passes, delaying income opportunities for my business.

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cmunns    16

The feature sets work exactly the way you would add "categories" to a post...exactly the same way except that they are named sets instead. On each of your page edit screens can scroll down and specify the feature set to show...but again I did a video on this and let you know in your other thread so please don't double post

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