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[Solved] What is the difference between pl-platform and pl-framework?

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So I had DMS and had to upgrade to PL platform or PL framework.

When I login into my dashboard I see update available for pl-framework.

But when I goto my account on pagelines.com and I download it says I can only download PL-platform.

What is the difference and do I need to download both?

I already have a site running and it says update pl-framework. I don't see any reference to pl-platform.

Which one do i need to upgrade? What is the difference?

Also does pagelines now support the latest woo commerce update 3.07?

Please tell me which version I need of pagelines platform or framework. It confuses me.


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I have updated wordpress to latest, woocommerce to latest and both pl-platformd and pl-framework to latest.

When adding a product to woocommerce and set it in a category it doesn;t show up.

There was a big update of woocommerce. Is pagelines compatible? Please developers help me. All files are latest



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PL5 is different than DMS in that it's a plugin, not a theme. The plugin folder is titled "pl-platform" and should be in your plugins folder. I'm going to assume that you already have a duplicate pl-platform folder already in there, since it appears that it's working on your site. If that's the case, just delete the pl-platform folder from your themes directory. The pl-framework is the base theme that was designed to work seamlessly with the PL5 plugin. You can use any wordpress theme you want with PL5, but this framework is probably the most compatible. 

As far as woocommerce goes, I am using the latest version with PL5 and the PL framework theme, and I have no issues with my categories. 

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