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[Solved] 404 Error on podcast pages

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Resolved just needed to activate and reactive the seriously simple podcasting plugin. 

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    • ohm
      By ohm
      I'm thinking about purchasing a paid version of DMS but the thing that bothers me is lack of podcast support.
      I can see several service types (Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, RSS) you can enable but I can't see a podcast icon/service.
      How can I add a custom icon/service?
      Do you plan adding podcasts as one of your supported types?
      I saw request to do this here: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/19820-social-media-icons-available-in-free-version/?p=118565but with no answer.
    • Ron
      By Ron+
      (Correction - Update was to 1.9.1 not 1.1.9, but unable to correct in title above)
      I did the monthly update for my 2 sites - plugins, WP, theme - and when I was finished my site gave me a 404 error page with some info about needing a dms folder.  I looked in the themes folder and my child theme folder was there but instead of a dms folder there was a tmp folder.  When I changed the name of the tmp folder to dms my site came up, for both sites.
      However, when I tried to go to any page or post on the site I got a 404 error.  Fortunately I always backup just prior to doing updates so I just restored the backup and the sites both are totally fine now.  But I can't update the DMS theme.
      What could be causing this?
      I tested the site after updating all the plugins and it worked fine; I tested the site after updating WP to 4.0.1 and it worked fine.  It was only after doing both of those and then updating the DMS theme that it broke.
      Sites are clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com and searchclearwaterhomes.com.  Both are now back to DMS 1.8 so they are not currently showing the 404 error issues.
    • Brandon Riley
      By Brandon Riley
      I have been having some issues with my podcast. The plugin I use podpress is not working 100%.  I get errors when I run the feed through feedburner and I can not get the image to associate even though it used to be up there fine.
      Here are the links.
      website link to podcast
      link to itunes podcast
    • travistsickle
      By travistsickle+
      My site is producing a 404 error when I look for my sitemap.  
    • mrlipa
      By mrlipa
      I'm trying to create a social website that can sell travel packages.
      Website URL: guanaima.com
      Framework Version: DMS 2
      WordPress Version: 3.9
      Plugins in Use: WooCommerce, Wordpress SEO by Yoast, Custom Sidebar 
      The problem I'm having is that when I activate the BuddyPress plugin in the website I get a 404 error on the user relates pages. (The activity feed and the members page work fine). I tried to disable other plugins, but it didn't work. I also tried creating a buddypress.php file as mention in this post http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/31999-buddypress-19-no-content/?hl=buddypress but still nothing. Does anyone have any idea?