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    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      I was curious if theres a way to make a nav like this website? http://www.gainor.net/our-specialties/#specialty-human-resources
      We want to make a mobile nav but be our main nav even when your not on a mobile device. Can we do this with Pagelines or is there a plugin we need? Suggestions?
    • suerama
      By suerama+
      I have 2 mobile menus appearing on my site:
      The top one just appeared as a default, it's out of order from my Basic Menu, and is missing the Home page. I want to remove it, but don't know how.
      The bottom one is correct and I created it in the Layout & Nav area of my Global Settings. This is the one I'd like to keep.
    • selmakdesign
      By selmakdesign
      My client wants the mobile navigation to open and close on the left side instead of standard right side. So far I've made it open on the left, but it's still closing on the right side. Would someone be able to help me out with the code as I can't find it??  :bow:
      Selma  :geek:
    • margie
      By margie
      Hi- currently when I drag my screen to make it smaller (i.e., responsive), the menu items (the text) stay white but the background changes from dark gray to white, making the list items very difficult to see as I shrink the screen.  Im guessing this is somewhere in the css but I can't locate it.  How would I change the background to remain the same as I shrink the screen?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.