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I've been fighting with a resolution issue ? Want to use Flick Slider, the site looks great on my monitor but client says she can't see bottom of homes. I believe she's on an old PC using outdated browser/s ... but, she's important to me and I'd like to make this work, on her system. Without asking her adjust her own set-up. 
I put the Flick Slider inside a container, here ::
Set the Height of Flick Slider to 50 Base ... I don't know how this works exactly ... there is a Base then a Min ... but, haven't adjusted the Min ::

Tried using Splash Up, which presents the same issue (she can only see top of home) and she wants several images to rotate on Home page, so not sure this would work anyway ::


I have tried going into Layout and making the width narrower, and that does make the site narrower, but the homes still don't display in full, on her system. Help ?

Here are her screen grabs, both desktop and iPad :( (dumped the chalkboard background).

FInally, she said these look great ::

What am I doing wrong ?? Is there a better way to accomplish making the site look great on any resolution at any size ?

(Longtime Pagelines-lover.)



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You need to optimize your images for web and devices.. I think you are saving the images in a way that makes them both large in filesize yet not large in resolution. 

also try Impulse Slider, it is a bit nicer for something like this. 


Check this out for image opt: 



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I want to use Impulse ... but that's even worse http://becauze.xyz/home-page-five/ What am I doing wrong ? Images are 1400x890ish pixels at 72dpi. jpg images. I use Photoshop. 

From her screengrab, I can see client's got a very horizontal monitor and the browser is open full width. That's one problem, but how do I control what shows up ... I'd like each entire house to be above the fold. Is boxed style the answer ? (How do I do that ?)

In my own tests, using http://becauze.xyz/home-four/ as I drag my browser open wider, the image/s go/es from being fully viewable, to only top half viewable.

Here, http://becauze.xyz/home-page-five/ I'm having trouble seeing the house entirely, at any browser size / width. That's why I went away from Impulse. But, perhaps placing it inside a container ? Feeling dumb. This shouldn't be hard.

Why do these look good for her ? Can I imitate this display somehow ?  http://www.sinclairaia.com/      http://www.kristihanson.com/

Thank you for years of hard work on a great product. Lost my coder years ago. Pagelines saved me. I admit, I reuse the same ole same ole ... most old sites remain workhorses, but new sites have fun new functionality ... I've used Agency a lot, and the Splash sections ... this little issue though, giving me a great big already-hung-over headache.

Thank you again !



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MY problem has been solved. I'm just an idiot. The client reported that every test I sent her resulted in images of homes being too large for the screen. The home wasn't above the fold. I tried everything ... finally, reviewed her supplied photos of her monitor and realized her screen is very horizontal with the browser stretching the span of width, making a very wide view. I estimated her to be on older hardware and tested with a free "Screen Resolution Tester" to approximate her view ... sized images accordingly, sent three more tests and my issue is finally solved. Sorry to post operator-error issue, and appreciate your support.


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