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    • rich_162534
      By rich_162534+
    • MiraAdmin
    • Kedark
      By Kedark+
      Hello. I have a problem with the PINS plugin. Social media icons (facebook, twitter) are not displayed correctly (squares instead of icons). I would like to turn them off to not display. Request for help.
    • romanondrasek
      By romanondrasek+
      Hi, I just found that my site is not working - nothing to see what I have activated PL5 tap late (just white screen :-() , I can open just admin site . I tried to activate different template (tventy seventeen) and was working , but not with PL5. 
      could you pls let me know what is the problem ASAP 
      the site is : www.myfit.cz
      than you so much
    • Steve Webb
      By Steve Webb+
      I have a staging site up that I have been working on, and tonight was having PL5 account connection issues:
      I refreshed, didn't work, so I followed instructions and disconnected and clicked connect to get a new token, and got white screen with the following php error:
      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?