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    • sakkthi subramaniyam
      By sakkthi subramaniyam
      Working on a very old site which has  pagelines framework theme. I need section plugin. so i can install postpins section. I have lost backup copy.
      Thank you.
    • communicreations
      By communicreations+
      Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but VideoBox Plugin no longer seems to be working. All videos get replaced with a 15-second duration video that looks a little like sparks flying across a black background. I disabled all other plugins and it was still happening. So I went and tried it on a blank WordPress install on a local machine and same problem.
      The new video widget does work and appears to be the best workaround.
    • elementalkites
      By elementalkites+
      Good evening. I am attempting to use the Impulse section on a page I am working on (https://dev.elementalkites.com). The tool seems to have the ability to overlay a logo on top of the slider images but in my case it isn't working, even though I have added the logo file and given it a height to display at. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Any help would be appreciated.
    • mrhinsh
      By mrhinsh+
      I have found that many of the components, especially lists, do not work in the Edge browser. 
      For example https://nkdagility.com/ has 6 video boxes that only render in Chrome and do not show in Edge.
    • John Olsson
      By John Olsson+
      We're often working with ACF (https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/) that's great for user experience in the backend, 'cause we don't want out clients to be in the editor to much.
      So we want to be able to use shortcodes in the editor fields, regardless of section, THIS WOULD BE SO GREAT. Is there a way to fix this, it should open up som much more functionality.
      In ACF, the shortcode is for example: 
      [acf field="field_name"] ...for example, I want to att field_names value to display in a section, i understand I can make it in embed and so, but I want it in titles and options, the whole range.
      I know I can build my own sections, that we've done, but it's not very effective, and thats what PL5 is about.
      Any ideas on this, can Pagelines take this in the core? I guessing there are more than just ACF out there who can use this.