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[Solved] "Toggle" shortcode mysteriously stopped

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On my site www.anewbeginning.com the "toggle" function mysteriously stopped working.  I have tried all browsers, tried disabling plugins, removing all the relevant CSS but still cant understand why it isn't working.

The toggle is placed on this page: http://anewbeginning.com/?page_id=15965 and http://anewbeginning.com/?page_id=10779 but it does not display.

On my other Platform5 websites, that exact code works fine: see here http://4aa.d11.myftpupload.com/?page_id=123

Code is the same. Please help, thank you!

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For some reason, the Professional License was deactivated, and it rendered all the extensions to not work. Now it is all fixed. Thanks in advance, sorry for the post. I looked for 45 minutes before posting here.

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