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    • tmonk15
      By tmonk15
      This plugin is NOT free, but it is available through the Pagelines website. I purchased it, and to my dismay, it doesn't work. Eugene blamed it on "something new in DMS 2," but hasn't offered any solution, alternative, or anything, really. I paid money for this through pagelines.com, and I know, from my experience of reading this forum that I'll be chastised for posting here, but there doesn't seem to be a place for this post. Will DepthCharge ever work again? Who knows? Anyone? Eugene? Someone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
    • marlenecassidy
      By marlenecassidy
      I just bought the depthcharge plugin,
      and I would like to see examples of how other users have implemented and used it on their sites.
      So please anyone who has a site using this plugin or anyone who has some links, I would appreciate it if you would share the links so I can see and get ideas and information about it.
      Also anyone who knows of a more in depth (no pun) and step by step tutorial (beyond the instructions that come with it) of how to use it, I would really appreciate the link as well.
      Thank you!
    • canadiangazelles
      By canadiangazelles
      Hi Everyone, 
      I'm trying to create an effect whereby a text sprite in a DepthCharge section changes depending on the subsection of the page that the user is on.
      Please visit the draft site at http://hti.flywheelsites.com/ to see what I mean. As you scroll down, you'll note that the text (via the DepthCharge section) follows, coming to a rest at the bottom of the section. 
      What I'd like to do is to have the middle word "Professional" dynamically change (via a fade animation) to another word depending on the users location on the page. I'm not even sure if this is possible through scrollspy so I thought I'd ask the more advanced gurus out there if I should even attempt this or if it would involve going outside of DMS to bring in non-futureproofed plugins or code? 
      Thanks in advance for your input.