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    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      Having a problem with an EVENT Post from Caledarize It. The Calendar page looks fine but when you go into the event itself the layout gets all messed.
      The Event calendar works fine and when you click on an event the page only works if you select only for "This event". The page needs to be for All events so they all look the same.
      Looks like conflicting code maybe?
      Events Calendar Page: https://tri-state-new-jeffgipson.c9users.io/events-calendar 
      Events Single Page: https://tri-state-new-jeffgipson.c9users.io/events/new-test-event-20/
      @Danny @Simon

    • davidbonnin
      By davidbonnin
      I have a Page http://www.davidbonnin.fr/actualites/    for my blog
      But if I click from there on one of all the articles, the same page http://www.davidbonnin.fr/db-trio/  of my template db-trio appears, I don't manage to make appear the WP content of the article.
      Can you help me ?
    • JudithKlinger
      By JudithKlinger+
      Using Pagelines.com as the theme and for images inserted into a post, align="alignleft" is not working as expected. Image is aligning left, but not floating which it should be doing according to wp style.