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    • kwaoru
      By kwaoru
      After I installed platform 5, a Scroll Nav stopped working properly. It stopped following down as I scroll down the screen and it is very frustrating....
      I tried to add a new Scroll Nav, deactivated platform 5 or whatever I could think of to refresh to get the function back but nothing works out...
      Please please please help me wise folks out there!
    • tuciudadenred
      By tuciudadenred+
      I have problems with the scroll, someone who can help me?
    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      I am trying to make a scroll anchor to move down the page but once it get there it opens the button. I have the scroll part that was easy but how do I get the button open the form once it scrolls down? I am trying to accomplish what this website has: http://www.gainor.net/jobs/view/production-designer-design-agency/  You press the Apply Now button and it scrolls down to the other apply button and then opens it all by clicking the one button any suggestions on how i can accomplish this?