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Nav Classic Primary Menu Bar Spacing Issue | Center Align CSS

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The nav classic bar on the top-level primary menu of my website (www.namastacyyoga.org) has the menu items hanging over the nav bar . In other words, the menu items appear slightly larger than the nav background.

Added the following CSS to center align the menu items under Site Options --> Custom CSS


#site .navigation_wrap .main_nav { margin-right: 0; }

#site .main_nav ul { text-align: center; float: none; }

#site .main_nav ul > li { float: none; display: inline-block; }

Did not have this issue before adding the custom CSS. I had added this CSS to another website (www.hotyogahome.com) and did not experience this issue. Checked all other settings and there is nothing different from what is configured between namastacyyoga.org and hotyogahome.org

Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks in advance.

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#page .navigation_wrap .main_nav{
height: auto;

in other news, one of the first websites i ever did was namasteveyoga.com in San Diego haha, that was 10 years ago. But funny how close the domains are :)

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