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How to upgrade from version 2.5.0 of PageLines Framework

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I'm working on a website where PageLines has never been updated and now there are some issues. We'd like to know if there is a safe way to update from the 2.5.0 version of PageLines Framework to the last one, and if you can give us your support in this process.

We've installed the new version and started to adjust the original child theme to match the new version of PageLines but there are some differences we can't get through. For example most of the old sidebars disappeared and the remaining ones are empty.

Also, we noticed that in the old website's backend there were these sublinks for the "PageLines" menu: Dashboard, Site Options, Page Options, Drag & Drop, Hooks editor, Hooks import. The website with the last version of Pagelines has just: Settings, Extend, Account.

Is it possible to update from such an old version? Of course we'll buy the pro version if it will solve our issues, we could also pay for your help if necessary.



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Yes, we've changed the way things work to make this easy. First you need to install the Platform plugin on top of your older theme, from here you should be able to move or update pages individually. 

Do NOT install the new Framework until you have upgraded things to your liking using the plugin, or you will at a minimum get a big change in the look/feel of your site. 

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