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    • nandorj78
      By nandorj78+
      I'd like to know how to set up a counter just like the one found on this page:
    • j powers
      By j powers+
      I searched the forum and found one post where Danny mentioned that you cannot display ibox counter number as a percent ie, 37%
      Has anyone come up with a solution for this ?
      Thanks percent
    • reklamebo
      By reklamebo+
      Hi you all!
      Anyone knows how to change the annotation in the iBox counter?
      Right now it uses the comma instead of a point.
      Like this: 1,000
      But I want it like this: 1.000
    • dymond
      By dymond+
      So I'm using gravity forms to take entries on volunteers for an event. 
      The goal is to have 200 volunteers in total for the event. 
      I've had some requests from clients to show a counter (maybe iBox - Counter) on the webpage, showing how many entries have been submitted and maybe a StarBars style part showing how close we are to the goal... Is there a native way to do this in DMS 2?
      Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    • saar121
      By saar121
      1. iBox doesnt give me an option to leave only a Title or only a text.. if i leave them blank, as i want, after refreshing it gives me the "lorem posem" or "iBox 3" .. 
      i just want to make counters (instead of the icons) and underneath i want to write a sentence. but right now it's impossible for me to do. 
      2. can i have a number in the counter option but also a static "%"  next to the number? 
      if yes, then it's impossible too. i write "67%" and the counter works only with the 67, the % sign disappear.
      Thanks so much.