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Pagelines Foundation theme - can this be done?

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Hi, beginner website builder here!

I've played about with wordpress and used pagelines to build a website a few years ago and I am now building a second one.  Thought it would be simple enough to just copy what I had done already but change the content (sister companies), but the original pagelines theme I had is no longer available - from what I can gather that one was a 'lite' version and now it's a fully developed version.  Anyway, that doesn't matter.

The them I am using is Pagelines Foundation, looked about right for what I want.  The pages each have a banner going across, originally with a photo, but I have altered this to just be a black bar.  It looks ok, but I'd prefer it to either be a bit smaller or to be able to place some images on it.  Just something so that when people enter our site they don't see a great big black banner.  There is text allowed inside the banner (the page title), even if this could be altered in size or font, then it might help.  I could possibly look for another theme, but it is so bamboozling, I wouldn't know where to start and I've already started with this one so don't really want to start again! 

Does anyone know this theme and know if there's ways of changing code to alter the size of the banner or can images be dropped on the banner?  (This may be the stupidest question you have heard as I really am a beginner!!)

Screenshot of how it looks -


Await your simple replies :-)


Ok, screenshot didn't work, can be seen at www.newelding.co.uk

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I have not used this theme yet give me a couple hours and I will have an answer for you.


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