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Hi all, been a long time since coded sites so now getting back into the mix for my own site. Have purchased PL5 Framework - though it was the complete product and features but .... that's for another day!

So, im trying to customise the Page Heading font, colour and sizes for the site:

  • I've got a great plugin that allowed me to import a font file
  • I've coded the page to works as full-bodied HTML

    <!DOCTYPE html>

      html, body {
                    width: 1000;
                    margin: 0;
                    padding: 0;
                    background-color: white;


  • The custom font has applied to all text in the site (so i will have to write that out in html code)
  • I cannot seem to find where to modify the style properties of the Page Heading - please help

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Im pretty confused by your post, can you clarify? if you're using platform/framework you shouldn't have to deal with HTML like that 

if you want to modify a page heading you're gonna need to use a hook, but you can add fonts and so on typically with plugins.

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