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Jared Smith

Making a border around the "Whole Site"

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Jared Smith

I'm trying to make a visible border around the entirety of a client's site.  Example on some other site here:

So it is around the Title, Menu, and Content Area.  I'm having a bit of difficulty with this on pagelines, using the Framework theme. It's slightly more complex because the site has a "landing page" that doesn't need the border. Much like this homepage


Right now I'm using a content width of 80%, and fullscreen.  But maybe thats not the best way to do it.  


So, with the #site id, I can hit the whole area on most of the site, but I'm not sure how I can remove it for just one page.

#site {
 border:1px solid #ccc;
  margin: 100px 5% 5% 50px;

anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I need to go make a child template, not sure?  Thanks!

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Jared Smith

Okay, I found a way to do it. Not exactly sure WHY it works, but it does seem to.

I have the Landingpage, which is just a page (and I don't want wrapped in the border as it's a fullscreen image), which is one section of Pagelines Section Content, set to Full Width, Unwrapped. I have several other pages, which are I want wrapped in the sitewide border. On one of the wrapped pages, I went to edit, and selected "All of Type: Page".  Then I created a container, and put the pagelines content section, menu section, and a text section for header inside the container. 

I then selected 'Templates' from the pagelines dropdown at the top of the wordpress dashboard menu bar, and at the bottom under save new template, I typed in page_with_border, and hit save. And then under the dropdown 'edit' option for that container (back on the regular editor page) I took the unique section ID, and applied css border to it.  And Voila...it shows up on all the pages I wanted to have it, but not on the ONE page I didn't. 

I have no idea why, I can only surmise that it has something to do with that page's scope being set to "current page only" and that is overwriting the other pages which are set to "All of Type: Page".  Anyway, figured I'd post it here in case anyone else comes across a similar thing.


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Jared Smith

@Andrew Thanks!  So how exactly does the "Current Page Only" and "All of Type: Page" operate with each other?  Does the editor remember for each page which is selected, and apply edits based on that?  Or does it not matter which one is selected when choosing which edits to apply?

For example, on our landing page, it was set to Current Page Only, and had a specific background picture and some settings.  Later, on a different page, I selected "All of Type: Page" and changed the settings to add a container with a solid border around it.  And then SAVED that as a "template", the moment I saved it as a template, the container was applied to ALL my pages that had "AOTP" selected on their editor settings, but none of the pages that had CPO selected.

This seems somewhat unclear to me. If the AOTP doesn't actually apply it's edits to all pages, but only to pages that have AOTP selected, then isn't this more like a template? Except I can't rename it, or create multiples, and I have one "template" (AOTP setting), or just plain edit this page separately (CPO).

I'm not sure how the "real templates" work into this either. If I go create a new page, and set it to AOTP, then it loads the "real template" with it, even though I didn't go to pagelines dashboard menu, select templates, and hit the load button next to that template.  It's there by default.  I'm sure this is just my not understanding your system.

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IN WP you have different post types, and for each page or post type you can select to either set the template for just that 'post' or set it to be the same as the rest of that post type. 

For example, setting to post type scope is how you can have all your blog post layouts be the same. 

As for real templates im not sure what you're referring to.. Have you tried making some test pages and playing around with these concepts? 

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