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Navigation Issues - Drop Downs

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As a newbie to Pagelines, I hesitate to ask a seemingly simple question . . . I have run through the steps over and over again to cure my issue with the drop down/child menus not showing up and I have pulled just about all of my hair out. Is is possible that some other chrome extensions that could be blocking my child menus from showing up? All my other wordpress theme sites have no issues with dropdowns but I can't seem to identify the problem with pagelines. Any help is greatly appreciated. My site is movingtoclarkesville.com. Thanks. Dale

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Hi @[email protected],

Welcome to the forum sorry you are having some issues but that is what the forum is for.

For starters the regular menu does not allow for submenus it can be used for many things but that is not one of them. If you need a menu in the footer or a small menu in the header about your main menu it is perfect and in some cases it is great for the main menu.

For submenus  it is best to use the Meganav or navpro both are good choices.  


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