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Sidebar on the bottom after switching theme

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Good evenening,

I was working to a restyling of my site http://www.innovazionefinanza.it

with the Pagelines Framework 5 and a theme but I had to switch to the old version version of the framework because I need to have the site always online and make te new design in a mirror site.

I've updated the framework to 2.5.0 version but not done a backup of the dashboard entries like the css personalisation.

Now I have the sidebar on the bottom, the width of the container is very tight and I don't know why, the sizes in the layout dimension editor are exactly like one week ago, before updating the theme.

Here's the problem: http://www.innovazionefinanza.it/2017/contratti-di-sviluppo-per-programmi-industriali/

Thank in advance for help...


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