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translate dms 2.2.4 - not working...

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Hello, when you update the DMS to the latest version 2.2.4, unfortunately, does not work translation theme. Has anyone encountered this? It looks as if the file with the translation was not read .. everything is in the original language. (Wordpress is also updated to the latest version)



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Once there was a problem with obtaining assistance PageLines ..

After updating to the new DMS all translations stopped working. I understand that the directory themes you created a new folder languages in which there is another file dms.pot - but translating them (or rather single words to see if it works) - so DMS translations do not work! Can someone help me, because all my customers do not want the English-speaking parties and with the update can not even translate the basic commands on the type of search and more ...

Always someone with PageLines was available, helpful and now ... ???

I understand that it is a platform but I think a lot of people like me still uses (and wants to use) the DMS.

KedarK with you for 6 years ...

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I see the issue.

Your translation files require the gettext namespace to be 'pagelines' and our build system changes it to 'dms', which is what it should have been all along. We switched it up a long time ago.

Luckily the repo is open to the public so you can download the sourcecode manually: https://github.com/PageLines-Team/dms 
( do NOT download the zip in the releases link, these zips have been build and have the 'dms' namespace ) 

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Simon, thank you for your reply. I do not know when it was changed, but only recently was updating websites for the latest version.

Could you do me a hint whether it is possible to change the program by poedit translation as (file translation) began to operate in DMS? If every time you will need to copy the code from the specified location, it is rather poorly.

Sorry for the question, but if I have to copy the entire code dms dms to a directory on your server?
If so, why install updates once in the space codes are a few months ago?
If so, practically working with DMS loses any sense ....

Is it really such a big problem is the preparation of DMS in order to properly (as they used to) read the translation files?


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2 hours ago, Kedark said:

Ofcourse, my server....


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