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    • sakkthi subramaniyam
      By sakkthi subramaniyam
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    • flourishdesignstudio
      By flourishdesignstudio+
      I am having an issue with the Lax sections on Platform 5. I can embed a widget or text box into a Lax section which is really neat, but the image in the background (the parallax image) seems to get stretched and doesn't scale in an attractive way.  For example, the page http://ed6.61e.myftpupload.com/#clients has a parallax section with a woman's face  and I thought is would scale as the browser window gets smaller but the zoom-level never changes. Also, the amount of parallax shift seems more dramatic than what we want. I thought that if I uploaded a shorter image it would scan/scroll less since the height from the image's top to bottom would be less. However, that doesn't seem to have any effect and I am at a loss of how to properly control the way the image is displayed within that box. Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions to get me pointed in the right direction?
      Thanks so much for the help!
    • chamois_blanc
      By chamois_blanc+
      What is the right/best way to make a one-page website with PL5? The framework seems to hardcode section IDs without any possibility of changing them. Scrolling to a page section requires the link to use the section ID, ie <a href="#<section_ID>">...</a>. I don't see myself hardcoding weird section IDs in there as this will show up in the address bar.
      Please advise, thanks!