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Containers swapping places

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Hi,The image 1 represents the website how it is, but when I refresh the page or delete the pagelines string (?pl_edit=on&pl_start=yes) from the site url the whole content swaps places (image 2), the containers just re-arrange.

And we didn't add any new plugins, this bug "just appeared".

I can not show you the site as it is geo-restricted.



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Hi @Queue-it, I know you said you have not added any new plugins but something may have changed if you updated one of them.

So I would disable all plugins except the pagelines products.

Also check your markup of any custom html you may have added.

Are their any errors that you can report. 

Let me know how that goes.


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So far disabling plugins all other didn't solve the issue. Only major change we did, was to change the typeface from Arial to Open sans, but that shouldn't have caused such issue. Will keep you posted. 


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