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Michael Kummer

Different featured image size for archive pages

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Michael Kummer

Hi guys,

Is it possible, and if so, how, to change the layout of the archive pages? For example, I would like to use a smaller and more compact image size for featured images and shorten the amount of text that's displayed for each post without also changing how featured images are displayed on single post pages.

I am talking about https://michaelkummer.com/apple/ vs How to extend the storage of your iPhone or iPad.



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    • jennajonesdesign
      By jennajonesdesign+
      Is it possible to have multiple archive templates? Sometimes I don't like to have all of my posts grouped together. On the current site I am working on we have a "Job Openings" section completely separate from a "News and Events" section. All I am trying to do is add a different header to each section, but even when I save as separate templates they keep over-riding each other. I am unlocking first. 
      Is this just error on my part, or is it not currently an option to have multiple archive templates?
      Let me know! Thanks!
    • dario
      By dario
      I'm wondering what PowerLoop is meant to display. Is it supposed to work like a configurable WP Content/Loop section?
      Here's what I'm doing:
      I've created a CPT and can display its posts either singly or grouped in an archive set of pages. This works as expected.
      Using the WP Content/Loop section, on an archive page, I can display a specific number of the CPT posts (as controlled by the Setting > Reading > Blog pages show at most . . .).
      That CPT has 20 posts.
      Adding a Post/Page Pagination section then allows me to click through to the next page(s) of archived posts.
      And so on.
      Again, this works as expected.
      However, when I try to do this with the PowerLoop section, all is not well.
      Pagination, via the Post/Page Pagination section, seems broken.
      The displayed number of posts is controlled by the Total Posts Loaded setting in the PowerLoop editor. The default is 5, so I leave it at that.
      When I click the Post/Page Pagination Previous Entries button, the URL goes to proper archive (page/2/) and the title shows Archive page 2 of 3. But the posts displayed are the exact same ones that show on page 1. Page 2 of 3 also shows me the Next Entries button which, when clicked, brings me back to page 1 (with the same 5 posts I see on all PowerLoop archive pages).
      If I change the Total Posts Loaded to 20, I get the 20 posts to show, all on one page.

      So, how does one control the number of posts displayed AND have the ability to see actual archives?
      FWIW, this also happens on normal blog posts.
      This is local dev so I cannot provide access.
    • ketri
      By ketri

      When I customize the category archive template to have pagination, and go to previous pages (categoryname/page/2/ etc.) I get an 404 error. 
      Where should I begin debugging?

      I tried to set the number of posts very low like 1-2 so I could test the pagination which of course needs to work later on when there are more posts.

      Thank you.
      EDIT: some googling provided this link which is likely to be related: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/explanation-and-workaround-for-error-404-on-category-pagination
    • ketri
      By ketri

      I'm using Types -plugin to add a field where the site owner can upload a PDF to each post. 
      On a category page I want to show the titles of the posts as links to these PDFs. The articles are only for pdfs, there is no content, exceprt, thumbnails etc. ever.

      So I should probably use a hook to insert a link to the PDF on the archive pages. I've tried using
      add_action('the_post', 'postFunction', 10);     function postFunction() {        echo "<h1>pdf link here</h1>"; } Just to get me started before I figure out the details of what to add. It now adds the code before the title on archive pages. But it also adds that code pretty much everywhere. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0p70s2h3sx0pjj0/Screenshot%202014-08-20%2010.07.31.png
      So how can I use a hook to add something to category pages?
      I'd also like to remove the title/link to the actual post, and the read more button.

      Thank you!

    • carletto0282
      By carletto0282+
      Hi guys,
      I see that listed post (i.e. blog page) has karma icon under the author avatar.
      Just wanna ask if there is a way to add also other social icons?
      Perhaps not under the avatar but under the post text/excerpt.
      I've tryed to edit section.php adding a line such as "add_shortcode..." calling for "get_shares" function but this got me a syntax error.
      I'd really love your built-in sharebar look and I prefer tu use this instead of official icons called by shortcodes.
      Hope you can help
      Best regards