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    • dougalperman
      By dougalperman+
      Hi there,
      I'm a big fan of Pagelines, and have been for years.
      I'm trying to control the size of video embeds and having some difficulty. I see that I can just paste the Vimeo video URL into the post and an embed widget will automatically appear, which is great. But the embed box created is much taller that the video (689 x 1000 pixels) so the content sits in the middle of a tall black box, which looks awkward.
      I tried using the full iFrame embed code from Vimeo, which solved the disproportionate embed frame size (or aspect ratio) issue, but despite specifying the dimensions I want (690 x 388), the videos displayed on the post are sized at 300 x 150 pixels.
      I can't work out how to change either.
      I'm using the latest version of Pagelines Framework (Pro) with the Agency them.
      Any help or advice very much appreciated.
    • JudithKlinger
      By JudithKlinger+
      I'm playing around with Agency and wondering why background image is only available in the Contact module? Trying to use a consistent background image, and it's not an option offered on each of the modules. 
    • Susan
      By Susan+
      Could you please help me.
      In the Agency extension section how do I move the Splash Headline and Slash Sub Headline either left or right or up or down. I imagine I need to do this with CSS? Could you please give me the correct CSS to move it left or right or up or down? 
      Also how would I add a second sub headline under the first one? Please see attached.
      Thank you.